As technology becomes more readily available to business owners everywhere, companies are considering the potential benefits, seamlessness, and production capabilities that come with new software today.  Now they can automate tasks that previously consumed hours each day, not to mention reducing labour costs, software can completely revolutionise any operation and take it into the competitive future.

Before a company decides to invest in new business software, here are three questions business owners should answer:

1. Do you want parts automated, or the entire department?

Software can be broken down into building blocks, providing small to large-sized automation tools that can make it hard for business owners to wrap their heads around. That’s why the first question you need to answer is whether you want just a part of a service automated, or the entire thing.  If you just want a small part of a service automated, then you will need to consider how the automation will work with the manual tasks that the staff still do.  If you want the entire department automated, then you need to let your software developer know that, as they will begin the process with building blocks and go from there.

2. Does your current software update with changing norms/new technology?

Most companies already have some form of software in their workplace.  However, software developments mean that existing software may now be out-of-date. or may not be able to integrate and adapt to changing norms and new software installed. That’s why it’s important to ask yourself if your software is able to grow and flex with your company, or if it’s holding you back. The answer to this question will provide your software developer with a better idea of what you expect out of the new solution.

3: Will the new software make your company more productive?

Sometimes, we can get caught up on tiny details that don’t really have an impact.  Will the new software you are requesting actually make your company more productive and – equally important – more profitable1?  Is it worth the investment?  Sit down and crunch the numbers to ensure it’s a worthwhile investment.  It’s a wise business practice that will keep all stakeholders and decision-makers happy.


Our aim is for our clients to be 100% onboard with new, adaptive software that will improve the flow, management, and productivity of any business operation.  We work with tiny blocks of software development that make it easy for our team to come in and change parts without overhauling the entire software system.  That way, you can change with industry requirements, while remaining competitive.

If you’re on the fence about new software, be sure to answer these three questions above so you are completely excited and ready to go with a new software for business purchase.