Flexible processes

Every business has processes; they’re essential to being able to deliver consistent outcomes for your customers.  When you start a business, most processes are simple, but as the business grows there are more processes and they got more complex or simply take more time.

For example: Order enquiries

100 customer orders a month with a 10% enquiry rate means 10 enquiries a month, which is a very a part-time task.

1000 Customer orders a month with the same 10% enquiry rate, means 100 enquiries a month (averaging 5 a day) Will seriously impact someone’s workday!

Software allows processes to be automated – either totally or in part – and frees up your people to do the more interesting things.  That means productivity gets better, people enjoy their jobs more and profits improve.

The problem with bespoke software is that it goes out-of-date as the company gets busier and then it’s back to square one – new software is needed and that costs more money.  We don’t design software like that!

To give you flexible software, we break down each process into small parts, then create software that does each part.  It’s a bit like building bricks, and, if a process needs to be upgraded only one or two bricks need to change.  This makes it both easy and cost-effective to maintain.

Bespoke software doesn’t need to break the bank – let’s talk about how we can help your business be more efficient and effective.  Give us a call on 020 8012 8318 or contact us for further information.

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After nearly a decade of being told it was too difficult to explain, I asked Ian from UDS to help me learn how to update my website. He spoke my language and didn’t confuse me with techie talk. I can’t believe how easy it was, in 30 minutes I went from complete confusion to total clarity. I’m confident I can now update my own website whenever I need to.

Jo Brett

CEO, Starjumz