Bringing in new technology is guaranteed to cause a flutter among your staff.  A few will be excited to get bang up-to-date technology, but the majority will be worried that their jobs are at risk.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in the news and more and more options are available to businesses.  The costs are coming down and what was once only possible with bespoke software is now available off-the-shelf.

  • If you install a chatbot on your website, what happens to the team who used to reply to enquiries?
  • If you streamline data entry so information is only entered once and then is available to all departments, what happens to the data entry clerks?
  • If the manufacturing process uses robots for repetitive tasks, what happens to the staff who used to do those tasks?

New technology doesn’t necessarily mean redundancies – if you approach it from the right point-of-view.  Instead of getting rid of staff, what could they do with more time to improve your business?

  • Could they help more customers in less time?
  • Could they work on a project to get it up and running faster?
  • Could they step up to a supervisory position and monitor performance?

With automation the staff are free to crank up your customers service, increase speed to completion and help the organisation to be faster and more flexible.

Let’s talk about it
While planning new strategies is generally done at management level, involving your front-end staff at the earliest opportunity will help to alleviate some of the major moans.  There’s a cliché – involvement creates commitment – and it’s true.  The more you can involve and consult with staff, the more likely they will be to get onboard – and you might be surprised at their ideas.

Your staff may suggest improvements or changes that will make a significant difference to your outcomes.  Remember that, if the new technology is directly related to their job, they’re the best people to tell you what they really need and identify some of the problems that you may be unaware of.

Get your staff involved and talk to them from early in the process.