Do you get the best from your tech team?

When you’re managing a team of geeks, it can be challenging if your expertise is in management, rather than a technical specialism.

Techs are a breed apart and managing them effectively may require a different approach to get the best results. If your technical manager understands what’s possible and what isn’t it will enable more informed conversations resulting in higher levels of confidence in the tech department – and better relationships throughout the organisation.

If your tech team needs a boost with technical knowledge or skills – or just to gain confidence with the latest technology – we can help.

Technical staff who are behind with knowledge tools, best practice or skills can result in roadblocks and systems that simply don’t do what they’re capable of and cost more to develop and maintain.

More effective techies can support and empower innovation, aligning technical competence with reality.

If your tech team needs a shot in the arm, give us a ring on 020 8012 8318 and let’s discuss what kind of mentoring programme your tech team needs.

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What our clients say

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank UDSL for all their help in the arrangements
and organisation for the in house training our employees attended last week.

– Susan Motley –